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Pharmacy 1 ▼100mg × (20/30/60/90/120/180/270/360 pills),
40mg × (30/60/90/120/180/360 pills)
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Pharmacy 1 ▼Airmail (14-21 days, Price: 10$),
Trackable (5-9 days, Price: 30$)
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About Lasix

Furosemide and doctor

Lasix is a synthetic diuretic drug intended for the treatment of edema.

The pharmacological action of Lasix

The active component of Lasix has a diuretic effect, contributing to the enhanced removal of water with a simultaneous increase in the elimination of calcium and magnesium ions. The use of Furosemide against the background of heart failure can cause a rapid decrease in cardiac preload, caused by the expansion of large veins. In the case of intravenous administration, the action of Furosemide starts quickly (within 5-10 minutes), and in case of oral intake- in about an hour. The duration of the diuretic effect from the use of Furosemide is 2-3 hours, and in case of decreased kidney function, the drug action can last up to eight hours.

Description and composition

As an active ingredient, the drug contains Furosemide at a dosage of 40 mg. The original furosemide drug is Lasix, developed by the company called “Sanofi”. Furosemide is one of the strongest diuretics; at that, it is effective in both oral and parenteral forms.

The drug belongs to the subgroup of the loop diuretics, which is explained by its’ action mechanism. In the distal renal tubules and the gentle loop, it blocks the reabsorption of sodium and chlorine ions. This leads to the strong, fast, and short-term increase of diuresis.

The intake of Furosemide increases the effectiveness of removing sodium ions, water, calcium, and magnesium ions. Thus, the drug has a pronounced diuretic and natriuretic action. Besides, Lasix contributes to the redistribution of intrarenal blood flow due to the release of intrarenal mediators.

A clinical result of the use of Furosemide is a rapid reduction in the preload and pressure in the pulmonary artery and left ventricle. This effect is achieved by means of the expansion of veins and is very important for patients with heart failure. Active excretion of sodium and chlorine ions becomes the main basis for antihypertensive action. In addition, the effect of the drug on the vascular walls was revealed, which results in a decrease of their spasm. An additional factor that positively affects the decrease in overall pressure is a decrease in circulating blood volume after Furosemide’s diuretic action.

The effect is achieved one hour after the intake of one pill and lasts several hours. In the case of intravenous injection, the action develops within a few minutes and disappears faster than in the case of oral administration.

The disadvantage of Furosemide is a withdrawal syndrome. Temporarily increasing the removal of sodium and chlorine, the drug leads to the opposite effect after the termination of its action. Removal below the usual level can only aggravate the patient’s condition and lead to relapse. The mechanism of this syndrome consists of a sharp activation of several links of regulation in response to massive diuresis.

Indications for use

Pills of Lasix are intended for oral administration; the indications for the drug prescription are:

  • edema of various origins, including chronic heart and renal failure;
  • nephrotic syndrome (as part of complex therapy for heart and renal failure);
  • liver disorders (as part of complex therapy);
  • arterial hypertension;
  • preeclampsia and severe late gestosis.

For children

The drug is approved for use in children. The age limit for the tablet form is 3 years. In an injection form, Lasix is ​​administered even to newborns and premature babies (by medical prescription). The removal of Furosemide from the child’s body may be slowed down based on the degree of the kidneys’ functional maturity. In children over 2 months of age, clearance is similar to that of adults.

Almost all conditions leading to edema remain the indications for use.

For pregnant women and during lactation

The drug can cross the placental barrier. Therefore, it is prescribed only if it is vitally necessary. The use of Furosemide in pregnant women requires constant control of fetal growth and development. A frequent cause of drug prescription is acute renal failure, developed during pregnancy and childbirth.

The need to take medication during lactation requires the termination of breastfeeding.

Special indications

Before starting the treatment with this drug, you should make sure that the patient doesn’t have ureteral obstruction with stones or tumors. In the case of anuria or oliguria of unknown origin, the drug shouldn’t be taken orally.

The use of Lasix pills slows down the excretion of uric acid, which can lead to gout aggravation. Patients with intolerance to sulfa drugs should consult a doctor before starting the treatment with Furosemide, as it increases the risk of developing allergic reactions and severe side effects from diuretics.

To prevent hypokalemia during the treatment with Lasix, patients should take potassium supplements and potassium-sparing diuretics. In addition, your diet must be rich in potassium.

In case of progression of chronic kidney diseases and the development of signs of renal failure, while taking Lasix, the patient should immediately consult a doctor for advice.

The drug contains lactose monohydrate, which should be taken into account when prescribing the pills to the patients with congenital intolerance to this component.

During the treatment with Lasix pills, you should refuse to drive a car and manage the equipment that requires fast reaction. This is related to a possible headache and a sharp decrease in patients’ blood pressure after taking the pill.

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